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Agora Ambassadors

An Agora Ambassador acts like a leader or evangelist for the organization in a country during the initial stages of Agora in that country, representing the organization, its principles and core values.



To fulfill this purpose, Agora ambassadors must be extremely ethical, supportive and willing to help people in their country with starting and running Agora clubs, as well as help the organization expand in the country.

Agora ambassadors need to be familiar with:

  • Agora’s purpose and mission
  • The general structure of the Educational Program.
  • How club meetings work, and what each of the roles do.
  • The guidelines for creating and running clubs.
  • The guidelines for using our logos and digital assets.
  • The rules for club finances.
  • Agora’s Bylaws

From a logistical viewpoint, Agora Ambassadors must:

  • Have daily access to a computer and internet connection
  • Be able to communicate in English

Running a Reference Club


The most important task of an ambassador is running a “reference” or “template club” - an Agora club that other people in the country can refer to, and can see as a close and real life example of how Agora works worldwide. As such, reference clubs need to be very aware of the suggested Meeting Format and the minimum requirements for roles in a meeting.


This is helped by recording some meetings, speeches and roles and sharing them with the rest of the Agora community and especially in media, blogs and other publications in their own country. Agora Ambassadors should uphold the values, ideals and core principles of the organization, that’s why it’s extremely important that this club functions as flawlessly as possibly.


The reference club must be public and very welcoming to guests - both from the general public as well from Agora or other organizations, and place as little restrictions and requirements on attending as possible. It must meet at least twice a month.


The following, for example, are not recommended for reference clubs:


  • Requiring attendance notice for guests long in advance
  • Meeting venues in remote places or places not easily accessible by public transport
  • Meeting venues that have strict security requirements
  • Requiring guests to sign on groups or mailing lists before attending
  • Meeting formats that wildly vary from the recommended meeting structure


Reference clubs should also have as low as possible fees and should not charge guests for attendance.

Social Media


Agora Speakers maintains many social media outlets, including Facebook groups, forums, etc. An Ambassador is responsible for the social media channels of Agora for the country and has administrative privileges. These channels should be kept also running as smoothly as possible, which basically means approving membership requests as soon as possible, answering questions, etc.


There’s no need for Ambassadors to regularly publish anything or to maintain any kind of blog or newsletter, but if they have the time and desire to do so, that’s definitely welcome.


Regardless of the official languages used in Agora, Ambassadors are encouraged to use in all social media channels the languages of the country they’re in, to increase the outreach of the organization.


Other activities


 Agora Ambassadors also:


  • Act as an accretion point or center around which the organization grows.
  • Suggest people that can be contacted for further growth of the organization, in his country or elsewhere.
  • Provide insight about local issues that the organization may be unaware of, such as specific religious or political issues, translation needs, suggested projects for development, etc.
  • Provide a first contact point for media inquiries and media related issues.
  • Within their available time, actively promote the organization and encourage and help with the creation of new clubs.
  • Within their available time, perform demo meetings at prospective institutions.
  • Provide answers to questions of prospective club starters.
  • Organize, participate or suggest advertising campaigns or channels, as well as opportunities for the growth of Agora.
  • Provide also a local contact for projects involving or requiring the participation of local country authorities.
  • Organize, participate or suggest local Agora events.
  • Participate with the rest of the ambassadors in a melting pot of ideas, suggestions and insight on how to grow the organization globally.


As a volunteer role, there are no travel or any other “required” activities other than running the reference club in the country and upholding the values of Agora Speakers.

Want to become an Ambassador?


The role of the Ambassador can be shared between several people as needed, and is a volunteer role appointed by the Board, and especially for big countries, there may be several Ambassadors in different areas.


The duration of the role is until the organization has enough presence and clubs in the country, so that the standard leadership positions can be elected, which usually happens when there are 4-5 clubs and at least 100 members.



Please note that being an Agora Ambassador does not grant the right to represent legally Agora Speakers International, to negotiate on our behalf or to enter into binding agreements.


Also, your role as an Ambassador cannot be used to promote any other organization, business, service or product, nor it can be used in such a way that might create the impression that Agora Speakers International endorses, supports, partners or is somehow affiliated with other organizations, businesses, services or products.

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