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Project Types


Projects in the Educational Program can feature several specific attributes, such as doing work outside the club, doing research, actually leading people that are non mebers, etc. These characteristics are indicated with the following icons: (note that a single project may feature one or more of them simultaneously)



Project Club  Club project

This is the normal project. It usually requires preparing and presenting a speech at the club, and getting feedback on it. Usually you will only need to work on the speech itself and its delivery, having in mind the objectives of the project.


Project Analysis

Speech Analysis Project

A Speech Analysis project requires analyzing a speech from a specific viewpoint and delivering a short presentation on that speech. Read more about these projects in the specific entry about Speech Analysis Projects.


Project Research  Research Project

A research project requires not only to prepare and deliver a speech, but also to do some research before and after it. For example, for a Job Interview you would not only have to prepare the job interview itself, but research the company and position you're going to apply for. For a persuasive speech, you would have to know beforehand where your audience stands, to see if they need to be persuaded in the first place. 


Project Mesaured  Measured Project

In measured projects, you will get not only general feedback from your evaluator, but also a numerical measure of how effective your project was.  There's no "pass mark" or "fail mark", nor there is any threshold to surpass (other than the one you might set for yourself), but the measure is there to help align your own opinion on how the project went with the reality. Different projects use different metrics.


Project Realworld  Real World Project

As time goes by and you participate more and more in your club, you will get used and comfortable to speak in front of your fellow members. Although this is a very welcome development in terms of socializing, it's not so good when it comes to learning or challenging you. In the advanced paths of the Educational Program, you will find a lot of "Real World" projects, that require you to get out of that comfort zone and fly on your own away from the nest. You will have to deliver speeches in front of audiences you have never met, engage strangers or even do campaign work for nonprofits other than Agora.

All these projects are designed with the goal to motivate and challenge you, and to expose you gradually to the "real world", where things are not as controlled and predictable as in the comfort of your club.


Project Betterworld  Improving the world

The final and most challenging (and gratifying) projects of the Educational Program, especially in terms of leadership skills, will not only be a great learning experience for you, but will actually have a positive impact on the lives of real people outside Agora. You will be leading nonprofit or charity campaigns, raising funds, organizing events and in general, learning that even one person - you - can help make the world a better place.

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