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Paulina Łapińska and Wanda Łopuszańska, from Gorzow Speakers Poland
Paulina Łapińska and Wanda Łopuszańska, from Gorzow Speakers Poland

Managing a club does require some time and effort in order to have successful meetings.

Each club has a management team of club officers with different responsibilities.

Club Officers are in charge of different aspects of running the club to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. All Officer roles are voluntary positions, and in fact they are an excellent opportunity for practicing leadership of a small community.

Unlike businesses and corporations, in a nonprofit organization such as Agora Speakers, members can never be pressured into doing something - everything is voluntary and the most an officer can do is ask politely and explain. In fact, leading a nonprofit community is much more challenging than leading a business, as officers have to put into practice a lot more people-related and motivational skills than in any business.


There are a set of required officer roles, that must be in every club (usually for legal reasons), and some optional but recommended ones.


Note that we're talking about "roles" and not "people".  The same person can have more than one role (for example, in very small clubs the Treasurer and Secretary could be the same person).


The opposite is also true : a role - except that of the President - may be shared among several people when the workload is high. For a very big club, there might be two Vice-presidents in charge of Education. In this case, it is recommended that there's a clear distribution of responsibilities for each person sharing a role.


In addition to the specified officer roles, a club can define additional officer roles such as "Event Organizer" (for special events or parties), "Blogger", etc.


All  roles are voluntary, have a maximum duration of one year, and receive no compensation for their work.  Officers must be also members of the club.


Finally, all roles are elective - if there is more than one candidate for the same role, elections must be held.

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