Body Language Evaluator

The Body Language Evaluator is another role that not all clubs have and is not required in a minimal meeting format. It's an evaluator that  examines the nonverbal demeanor of all speakers, including the Meeting Leader, the Hot Questions Master, etc. The only speakers that are excluded are the ones that already have their own evaluators, such as the ones doing speech projects.


The most important items a body language evaluator should be concerned about are:


  • Did the movements of the speaker feel natural?
  • Was the eye contact good? Was it with all sectors of the audience? Was it sustained?
  • Were the gestures seamless and appropriate for what was being said?
  • Did the speaker fiddle with his hair, accessories or clothes?
  • Was there any defensive body language, such as arms crossed in front of the chest, or similar?
  • Did the speaker have any repetitive gestures?
  • Was there enough energy in the gestures?
  • Did the speaker move along the stage with purpose?
  • Was the speed of the gestures appropriate? Did they last long enough so that the audience could actually perceive them?
  • Were there any exceptionally good gestures in support of some part of the speech?
  • Were the gestures distracting (as opposed to supportive of the main message)?

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