Certificates of Recognition

After the completion of the Basic Communication Path, you're awarded with the Qualified Speaker award Certificate and Digital Badge.

You can choose the aspect ot the certificate from the following available choices:

Certificate 1
Certificate 2
Certificate 3


After the completion of every Advanced Path of your choice, you're also awarded with the Accomplished Speaker award Certificate and Digital Badge for that particular path. For example, if you complete the Humorous Speeches path, you are awarded an "Accomplished Humorous Speaker" certificate.


Finally, after completing the Leadership Path, you're awarded with the Accomplished Communicator award, which is the highest recognition that Agora Speakers awards.


Digital Badges conform to the Open Badges standard (openbadges.org ), which is already being used by literally thousands of companies. Open Badges can be embedded in your professional profile (eg: LinkedIn, Xing, and other social media), resumes, business cards or other digital locations. The image of the badge contains metadata that provides more information about the badge and can be verified independently. For example, an employer can click on a badge to get more information about what it means and to check when and how the person showing it got it.




Optionally, you can order printed certificates to be mailed to you if you need them in physical form.

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