Club Requirements

Although the full set of club requirements are detailed in the bylaws, the following is a concise summary.



Clubs cannot exclude member candidates on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, income level, nationality, ethnicity, or mental or physical disabilities, as long as the member, through his own individual effort, is able to participate in the educational programs of the Association.

Upon request, and always on a case-by-case basis, Agora Speakers International may grant permission to create a club that does not adhere to this principle, in order to meet local legislation or circumstances (such as a prison club, for example), to protect minorities or for other reasons. This permission may be revoked at any time.



Club fees – including how often and how much – are up to each club.

Funds collected by the clubs - regardless of their source - can only be used for the overall operation of the club, and never as an economic benefit for any person.    If a club charges fees, detailed club finances must be publicly published and available to all Agora members worldwide.

Club fees cannot be discriminatory except to account for low-income groups.



Members in a club must be supportive, respectful and exercise tolerance with each other, even when the speech subject or opinion expressed by the speaker is one with which most people may deeply disagree.


Neutrality / Non-Affiliation


Agora Clubs cannot be used to promote any religious or political agenda or worldview or to promote other associations, companies,

Intellectual Honesty

Open Mind

Members in a club must be intellectually honest. Similar to scientific researchers, they should keep an open mind to new ideas, continuously examine critically their viewpoints and beliefs, and be ready to let go of them if new compelling evidence or arguments are presented. They must not engage in manipulation or any kind of deceptive techniques in order to pursue their goals or argue their viewpoints

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