Creating a Messenger Group

Messenger groups are an excellent way to get people quickly signed up and have them connected with little to no effort from their side, as long as they're already on Facebook. They also work very well for those that have privacy concerns and do not want to give away their mobile phone numbers as needed for a WhatsApp group.

Messenger groups are most easily created from the mobile version of the Full Facebook Messenger app (not the Lite one).

1) In Messenger, press on the "Write" icon as if to start a new message:

Create Group 1

2) Click on "Create new group" (or its equivalent translation). Note that Facebook limits occasionally the ability to create chat groups, so if you don't see the icon directly, you'll need to wait several days before trying again.

Create Group 2

3) Add at least two more people to the group by looking up their names and clicking on the radio button to the right of their names:

Create Group 3

4) Once you've added at least two more members, press on "Next", and provide a name for the group, then click con "Create":

Create Group 4

Creating a link to the group

Once the group is created, you'll need to create a link so that people can join.

1) Click on the "info" icon in the group:

Create Group 5

2) Click on the "Share Link" icon:

Create Group 6

3) A link will be automatically created. After that, if you click on the link itself, it will be copied to the clipboard and you can paste it anywhere.


Create Group 7





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