How does Agora work?

Our system uses four main elements:

1.      Educational Program


An educational program composed of one mandatory "Basic Path", and many optional "Advanced Paths". Within each path there are different projects. Each project teaches a specific skill or technique, either in the sphere of public speaking or in the sphere of leadership.

The Educational Program is available online for free to all members.

2.      Local Clubs and Club meetings


Clubs provide a place where Agora members meet, learn and practise using the educational program.

They are independent but affiliated with Agora and hold regular meetings every week, two weeks or every month. 

Clubs are organized, managed and led by local volunteers. Anyone can start a club -  the only things needed are time, energy and at least 8 members.

Clubs form a worldwide network coordinated by Agora Speakers International.

All club meetings proceed following a predetermined agenda with different sections.  People at a meeting take different roles, or they can attend merely as audience. 

Meeting Roles - Some of the roles present in a club meeting are:

  • Meeting Leader
  • Speaker
  • Evaluator
  • Timer
  • Grammarian


Most meetings follow the same structure and involve the same roles, in order to ensure a consistent experience for members regardless of which club they visit, and also because the format is tried-and-true and it works. However, clubs are also free to innovate, add other roles, change the ordering, etc. See the sections about the Club Meetings for a detailed description of how a meeting usually proceeds.


All parts of the meeting are timed, with a minimum and maximum time limit. 

Usually a meeting lasts between 1 and 2 hours.


3.      Mentors

Mentors are more experienced members that provide advice and guidance to new members.

Usually mentors are members of the same club, but you can ask anyone from our worldwide community to be your mentor.

4.      Worldwide community


Agora Speakers is Headquartered in Madrid, Spain.We're present in over 50 countries and constantly expanding.


Global Meeting Points- We encourage the exchange of ideas and the creation of a tight community of peers through:

  • Agora Forums :A global meeting point where members can ask for advice on general topics
  • Agora Social Media : There are Facebook groups and pages for each country, as well as a global one where you can meet members worldwide.
  • Regular events, contests and conferences.

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