How can I help?

How to help us


If you're interested in the goals and mission of the Agora Speakers International Foundation and you like what we do, here's what you can do to  help us:

Gears Action item Chronometer  Time required Brain  Skills required

Start a new club in your region.

We're always looking to expand and reach out to people in new cities and regions. If you're interested in being a pioneer and creating and leading a new club, drop us a note and we will help you.

About 5-10 hours per week for about three weeks.

Commitment and perseverance

Provide us with high-quality images and video material.

We need these to illustrate our books, training materials, and promotional video reels. You can upload them to transfer services such as wetransfer, where you can transfer up to 1Gb at a time.

Ideally, images should be at least 2048 pixels on their larger dimension, and video should be HD 1080, with 16:9 ratio

10 minutes to 1 hour, one time.

Using a quality photo or video camera or a mobile phone.

Speeches for evaluation


We need to make sure all new members know how to do proper speech and project evaluations. So, we're looking for video recordings of a complete speech (corresponding to a project from the Basic Educational Path) to do an evaluation of it. The video must show the full body of the speaker and its environment. Sound must be as clear as possible. I will record an evaluation, offer other veterans to do the same, then will post the result as a training video on our Youtube channel.

Please upload the video to youtube and send us the link. The video must allow downloading,

1 to 2 hours. Using a quality photo or video camera or a mobile phone.

Quiz Questions

We want to implement a game-type quiz for people (especially new members and prospective club leaders) to test their knowledge of the Agora system - including roles, club structure, meetings, etc. So... we need questions!
Just send us a sample question with four or more possible answers, of which one or more are true and the rest are plausible.
This would be a sample submission

Q: Who usually opens a club meeting?
  1. The Meeting Leader
  2. The Meeting Facilitator
  3. The Vice President of Education
  4. The President
  5. The Club Chaplain (ok, this one stretches belief, but .... at least it's not as crazy as writing "Donald Trump" as an option)
Options (1) and (2) are correct.


You can get inspiration about questions from the training videos, the wiki or the Agora Guide.
You get the added benefit that we'll reply to your submission if anything is not exactly right and we'll set the record straight.
5-10 minutes Knowledge of Agora.

Record a Testimonial

Record a video testimonial explaining what you think about Agora and what role it has played in your life. Share whether you have found it useful or not, and how you have improved.

10 min to 1 hour Operating a video camera.

Share your story

Share your experience, tips, anecdotes, pictures or stories related to Agora, public speaking or leadership with the whole Agora worldwide community.
We use these personal stories for our books, wiki, and promotional materials,  not only electronically, but as a published, full-color books and brochures.
You can submit your story here:
Share Your Story
1 - 2 hours None

Share our news on your wall

We can always benefit from more exposure. Share the posts from the Agora Speakers International group on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Retweet our tweets. It just takes 5 seconds and does a lot in terms of outreach.

5 seconds None


Donations are always welcome, but they are the last of our priorities right now. Please see here for our Paypal and bank account.

5-10 minutes None


Translating all our materials is one of the priorities to expand our outreach.
Please send us a note at info@agoraspeakers.org if you want to help us translate our materials to your native language.

Min 30 minutes Good knowledge of English (at the C1 level) and excellent command of your native language


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