Humorous Speech Contest

Speech Duration

The Humorous Speech Contest has the goal of finding excellent comedians and

Speeches entering the Humorous Speech Contest must have a maximum duration of 7 minutes.

Selection of Judges

For contests at the Country and above levels, judges will be non-Agora members from the following professions:

  • Media professionals - presenters, show hosts, actors, producers,  etc from the TV, radio, press or movie industries.
  • Comedians
  • Professional clowns, artists, and mimes.
  • Fiction writers.
  • Journalists
  • Speakers from the professional (for-pay) public speaking circuits.
  • Speakers from other public speaking events such as TEDx., Munk Debates, etc.

Scoring of Speeches

Judges will score speeches according to the following criteria:

  • Originality (0 to 10)
  • Usage of language  (0 to 10) - Will consider the richness, expressiveness, and vividness of the language used.
  • Usage of body language (0 to 10) - Will consider the richness and expressiveness of the body language of the speaker, and whether it reinforced the humorous content and was synchronized with the narration.
  • Use of props or visual aids (0 to 10) - Will consider how effective the usage of visual aids or props was for amplifying the humor in the speech
  • Humorous content  (0 to 10) - Will consider how funny the speech was.
  • Audience reaction  (0 to 10) - Will consider how the audience received the humor of the speaker

For each speech, the average of the above scores will be computed, and that will be the final score assigned to that contestant.

NOTE:   The use of props or visual aids is optional., If a participant did not use any props or visual aids, that category will be excluded when computing the averages.


The winner of any level except the World Final will have the title of “Best Humorous Speaker  of (region)”


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