Juding and Scoring

The result of a debate in Agora is not "Winning" or "Losing", but being awarded a specific amount of points depending on how convincing the team was.

The scoring system will have to be developed once all the rules have been settled, but the following basic guidelines should apply:

  • Acceptance of POAs and Fusion of Teams should be greatly encouraged (and therefore score awarded to both teams) to give more weight to consensus building and finding bridges than to adversarial confrontation.
  • Exposure of fallacies in the reasoning of other teams should be rewarded
  • Constant reading of notes should be penalized, especially if the team member is reading a pre-written speech.
  • Misrepresenting evidence, or citing nonexistent evidence should be greatly penalized, and exposing it should in turn greatly rewarded.
  • Unacceptable behavior should be greatly penalized


It is also suggested that each Agora member has a global personal debating score that can encourage participation. This system, however, should not be purely accumulative in order not to present an unsurmountable barrier to newcomers.



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