Meeting Evaluator

The role of the Meeting Evaluator is to provide feedback for all people that have not been evaluated up to this point. The Meeting Evaluator should also the last role to speak, before the conclusion of the meeting (with the exception of the Meeting Leader and the Meeting Facilitator).


This usually means the following people are evaluated by the Meeting Evaluator:


  • The Meeting Leader
  • All the Evaluators (including the Listening and Body Language Evaluators if the club has them).
  • The Timer
  • The Grammarian
  • The Filler Word Counter
  • Any other roles that have not had their own evaluation.


The Meeting Evaluator also evaluates the meeting overall:

  • Did it start on time?
  • Was the venue prepared?
  • Were there any disturbances and were they handled properly?
  • Were the guests properly treated?
  • Was the purpose of the Club and Agora Speakers International explained at the beginning of the meeting?
  • Any other thoughts about improving the meeting.


If you have a guest that is a member of another Agora club (or of any other public speaking organization), it's usually an excellent idea to give the Meeting Evaluator role to him. These guests are a real treasure in terms of the amount of suggestions and ideas they can offer, since they can compare their own club experience to what they have seen.

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