Meeting Facilitator


Visakha Orators, India.  Club President and Agora Ambassador Koka Prasad, leading a meeting.
Visakha Orators, India. Club President and Agora Ambassador Koka Prasad, leading a meeting.

The Meeting Facilitator is the person that is in charge of making sure that the venue is properly prepared and - if you're on premises that are not yours - that it is properly cleaned up afterwards. Of course, he may ask for help in this.


The Meeting Facilitator should arrive well in advance of the scheduled starting time of the meeting. He or she should:


  • Prepares the venue - tables, chairs, lectern, location of club and Agora symbols / banners, signs, posters, etc.
  • Prepares the tools that the Timer is going to use to measure and signal the time (stopwatch, "traffic" lights colored cardboard, etc.)
  • Ensures that there's proper air conditioning or circulation in the room (opening the windows, etc.)
  • Ensures that the agenda for the meeting is printed and that there are enough agendas for the members
  • Ensures that there are enough feedback forms and pens.
  • If applicable, check that the lighting, sound system and projection equipment work properly
  • If the club has recording or photography equipment, set it up and prepare it for recording. Also, if there is projection or other A/V equipment, it should be connected and tested.


Usually the Meeting Facilitator is also the one that opens and closes the meeting.

An opening statement could be something like

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the meeting of the Silent Towns Agora Speakers Club, the first Agora Speakers Club on Mars. I'd like to give the floor to our Meeting Leader of the day, Mr. Walter Gripp. Please help me welcome him with a warm round of applause"


After the introduction and during the applause, wait on stage till the Meeting Leader comes, shake his hand, and retreat. The floor is now his.

A closing statement could be something like:

"Thank you for coming to our meeting. The meeting is now adjourned, and I invite you all to stay for some beers at the nearby Martian Bar"


Some clubs like to use a gavel for signaling the opening and closing the meeting.

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