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Fees paid by members


Members of Agora Speakers pay only Club Membership Dues to the clubs they belong to. It's up to each club to decide whether to charge fees or not, the amount to charge and the periodicity. These fees - if any - are paid to and administered directly by the club, and may only be used for the overall operation of the club.


To ensure full transparency, accountability and proper use of funds, clubs that charge fees must comply with all the rules specified in the  Club Finances section.


Fees paid by clubs


The fees paid by the clubs to Agora Speakers International depend on the type of club.


Open Public clubs and Public Interest Clubs


Agora does not charge any fees for Open Public and Public Interest clubs - neither for signing up nor for membership.

  • There are no sign-up fees.
  • There are no club chartering fees.
  • You don't need to buy anything from anyone (unless you want to, that is).
  • All educational materials are available online for free to all members
  • There are no membership fees
  • Joining is merely a matter of registering on the website and joining a club
  • ... and you still get access to all membership services


This makes it very easy to start a club, should you wish to do so.


Reinstatement of open public clubs. There's one situation in which we do collect fees, to prevent abuse of the system, or hopping on and off the organization, or not taking club membership seriously. If an open public club stops working and its members want to reinstate it, there's a one-time $50 per reinstated member fee. We consider that a reinstatement occurs when:

  • An existing club ceases to be affiliated with Agora Speakers International for any of the following reasons:
    • The club ceases to function (doesn't hold any meetings during one full quarter) OR
    • The club drops below the minimum number of members (8) for one quarter OR
    • The club voluntarily withdraws OR
    • The club is removed as an affiliate due to violations of the Agora Speakers International bylaws, rules or club charter documents.
  • A new club is started in the same city at a later point in time, and over 50% of the members of the new club come from the old one during the first quarter of the existence of the new club.

Please note that we consider a club reinstated even if the name, or the venue or the day of the week changes. The fee applies only to members that were members of the old club, not to new members. To avoid incurring in such fees, you have two options:

  • Get enough new members so that the % of old members is less than 50%
  • Send us a letter to info at agoraspeakers.org explaining the situation and we may waive the fee.

Restricted Public clubs

The Agora Speakers fee for a Restricted Public club is $40 / year per member of the restricted club, payable in advance upon chartering of the club.

A minimum of 8 members is required to start a Restricted Public club.

Corporate clubs

The Agora Speakers fees for establishing a corporate club are as follows:

  • A $100 set-up fee.
  • A yearly per-member fee of $50, with a minimum of $600 / year if the club has 12 or fewer members.


Fee waiver

New Corporate or Restricted clubs can have their fees waived for a maximum of two years through a mechanism of "Club Patronage", in which they create and act as patrons of a new Reference Club in their area:

  • The new club must meet all the requirements of a Reference club. The fee waiver only continues while the requirements are met.
  • The new club must be free.
  • The new club must be in the same city as the Corporate or Restricted club.
  • The new club must charter at least a week before the Corporate or Restricted club
  • Members of the Corporate or Restricted club must step in to correct any possible problems.



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