Podstawowe ścieżki edukacyjne

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The basic educational path consists of 16 projects organized in three groups that teach you the basic skills essential for public speaking.

Each project has specific time limits, goals, restrictions on the items that can be used (visual aids, lectern, etc.…), and speech subjects. The projects have to be completed in order.

In general, you can talk about anything you like, except public speaking. This means, for example, that for project 11 ("Vocal Variety"), you cannot do a speech about vocal variety. The goal of this restriction is to help you realize that all of the techniques (body language, vocal variety, humor, etc.…) are just tools in support of a central message, but they should not be the central message itself. Check the "Speech Content" article for a much more detailed description of what kind of content is valid in a speech.

Each project has a specific evaluation scorecard that has to be filled in by the speech evaluator. These scorecards are found at the bottom of the page for each project.


Eval Form 1


Eval Form 2


Once you complete the Basic Educational Path, you'll receive the corresponding certificate and badge.

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