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Club project

Learning Objectives
  • Learn about the different types of speeches
  • Learn about the importance of having a single key message in a speech
  • Learn about the importance of addressing the needs of the audience as soon as possible.
  • Learn about the difference between the general purpose of a speech and its key message.
  • Having completed the previous projects in the Basic Educational Path.
May be used
May be used
Presentation Software
Presentation Software:
Must not be used
Lectern / Podium:
May be used
Main Speech
Light Green 5 min
Light Yellow 6 min
Light Red 7 min

Project Outline

  • The goal of this project is to prepare and deliver a speech of one of the four main types :  informative, persuasive, entertaining (or special  occasion) and technical / demonstrative.
  • The speech should have one key or central message that should act as a take-away, and the rest of the speech should be built in support of that central message, with a "general purpose" acting as a connecting thread throughout the whole speech. The core message should be supported by two or three points of roughly equal importance and time.
  • The opening of the speech should address the audience's question "What is in for me?" "Why should I listen to you?" in the first minute, preferably first 30 seconds.
  • The closing should act as a wrap up, summarizing the main points and reinforcing the core message.
  • If there's a lectern or podium, this is the last speech that can be done behind it.

Project Description

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Evaluation Card

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