Starting a new club for experienced members


This guide documents the bare minimum, no-nonsense steps needed to start an Agora club. It assumes that you're an experienced member either of Agora or a similar public speaking organization.


 If you're new to Agora and public speaking organizations...

If you have no prior experience in any club-based public speaking organization, you may want to use this much more detailed guide instead



Step 1Understand how Agora works

Of course, even if you're experienced, the first step is understanding how Agora works and what makes us different from other organizations.

Make sure you are familiar with:


Step 2Decide your club's characteristics and name

You can name your club in any way you want, as long as it meets the club naming requirements that prevent confusing or offensive club names.

You will also need to decide:

  • How often the club will meet
  • The languages that will be used during the meetings.
  • The roles that guests and non-resident members will be allowed to perform.
  • The fee structure of the club.

None of these decisions are permanent - you can always change them once the club is up and running.


Step 3Recruit the required minimum members

Different club types have a different number of minimum members required. For an Open Public Club, it's enough to have at least 8 committed members.



Step 4Schedule a chartering meeting

Schedule the first meeting. It can either be a regular meeting if all the members are already experienced, or it can be a demo or presentation-type meeting where you explain to attendees how the club is going to work.

Chartering meetings for Open Public Clubs cannot charge any kind of attendance fees.

If you need to create any promotional materials for your club, you may find the resources in our brand portal useful. 


Step 5Apply for a club number


Once you have scheduled the meeting, send a message to info@agoraspeakers.org at least a week before the meeting  with the following information:

  • Your full name and contact information (either EMail or phone number)
  • Your selected club name
  • The time (including time zone), date and exact address of the public meeting.
  • The contact information that you want to be published for people interested in attending the meeting.
  • The capacity of the venue where the club will charter (maximum number of people that can attend)

If everything is correct, we will register your club and assign it a unique number. Usually, that happens the same or the next business day.


Step 6Done

That's it, your club is official now. Congratulations!

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