Thought of the Day

The "thought of the day" is a small speech (between 2-4 minutes), usually delivered by people that are beginning their public speaking education and are not yet comfortable giving longer speeches.  Although the usual title of this role is "Thought of the day", it can actually be about just anything:


  • A favourite or recent movie
  • A book
  • A concert or a song
  • A TV show or a particular episode from a series.
  • An interesting piece of clothing or furniture
  • A favourite spot in your city
  • A favourite dish, or drink
  • A favourite website
  • An actor or actress
  • A person you admire. Need not be famous, could be someone from your environment.
  • A memorable place in a recent trip
  • A quote from a famous person
  • An event that has caused a lasting impression on you


It's an optional role in meetings.

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