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Project Outline

  • This is the first medium-size speech you'll have to present, and the real beginning of your Educational Path.
  • The goal of the project is to prepare and deliver a speech talking about yourself.
  • Structure your speech so that it has an opening, a body and a conclusion.
  • Instead of delivering a whirlwind of information (as if it was a resume or a job interview), try instead to use the following approaches:
    • Share two to four short anecdotes and stories from your life that you believe best represent your personality.
    • Share one thing from your past, one thing from your present and one thing you expect in the future.
    • Talk about your hobbies and dreams
    • Talk about your past and current jobs and interests
    • Talk about the places you've lived in
    • Talk about past achievements you're proud of, and of your future goals.
    • Talk about your family, relatives and your pets.
    • Many other approaches are possible, but remember - you will not have time to talk about more than three of four items in total.
  • Try to mention at least one item of information from the personal sphere , and one from the professional sphere.
  • You can use notes for this speech, but if you do:
    • Don't write the whole speech - just the opening, the points you want to talk about in the main body and the conclusion.
    • By all means, do not memorize the speech - merely the opening and the conclusion.
  • Instead of ending the speech with a "Thank you" or "And this is me" or something similar, try to:
    • Say what you expect of the future
    • Say what you're proud of currently
    • End with a quote you like that represents either the present or future you, or your present or current situation.
  • Prepare for the speech by rehearsing at home, in front of a mirror. It doesn't matter if you don't say the exact words every time

  • No matter what you do, it's very important that you speak for at least 4 minutes

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