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The meeting opening is the very first part of a meeting.

Usually, the Meeting Facilitator calls to order and opens the meeting, welcomes everyone, then provides a concise introduction to the person in the role of  Meeting Leader for the day and gives the floor to him.

The Meeting Leader then also welcomes everyone and provides an outline of what lies ahead for the session.

 Some good things that a Meeting Leader can do at this point are:

  • Reminding everyone to turn off their mobile phones or put them in silent mode.
  • Reminding everyone not to walk across the room during the speeches.
  • If there are any guests, provide a general introduction about Agora Speakers, its purpose, mission, and educational goals and activities.
  • If there are any guests, this is also a good opportunity to have each of them stand up and introduce themselves to the audience. Usually, the Meeting Leader can also ask a simple question like "how do you know us?" or "what brought you here?", etc. From time to time, it happens that some guests turn out to be very talkative and engage in full-blown introductory speeches. The meeting leader should assert control politely but firmly in those cases. A short playful remark such as "Please, don't spoil the surprise - we have a special project in which you will have to talk exactly about that. Let's save the mystery till then" can help interrupt the guest in a non-offensive way.

Extra care must be taken not to prolong this part excessively. 2-3 minutes should be more than enough, possibly up to 5 if there are many guests.


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