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Dues paid by Clubs

In Agora, individual people are members of the organization, which is different from other organizations where the club is the member.


  • There are no fees for chartering a club.
  • There are no fees for running a club.
  • There are no mandatory purchases of any kind.


This is specified in article 20.2 of the Bylaws, which states that:

"There are no chartering fees for starting a new club, and no policies and protocols may be enacted that require the clubs to make any kind of purchases from the Association."


This makes it very easy to start a club, should you wish do to so.

Dues paid by Members

Members pay two kinds of dues:

  • Agora membership dues.
  • Club membership dues


Agora's Educational Materials are available for free to members in a digital format, and there are no hidden requirements of any sort of purchases.


Club Membership Dues


The Club Membership Dues depend on each club and are paid to and administered directly by the club. These dues may only be used for the overall operation of the club, sharing the meeting costs, etc.

Clubs can decide to charge any mount they need with any periodicity. However, the following must be observed:

  • The amount and periodicity of the club fees must be publicly available on the website
  • Club fees may not be used for the personal profit or benefit of any member.
  • Club fees cannot be discriminatory except to account for low income groups.

  • If a club charges fees, detailed club finances must be published online, and available to all Agora members worldwide. These finances can be something as simple as an Excel file detailing incomes and expenses or something as complicated as a complete accounting report, but in any case it must be completely clear how specifically the membership fees are being used. Apart from an aggregated format, club expenses must also be available in a non-aggregated, detailed format.

  • Guests and other Agora members may not be charged for visiting the club during regular sessions. During non-regular sessions, such as special events, meetings with invited guets speakers, workshops, etc. a publcly announced one-time fee may be charged for attendance,.

  • Clubs may not accumulate funds in excess of the equivalent cost of 2 years of operation, unless approved by the members and only for specific, budgeted purposes such as purchasing of equipment, organization of events, etc. This approvement must be renewed yearly.

  • Upon dissolution of the club, all remaining funds must be donated to a legally-recognized charity selected by the members.



Agora Membership Dues for Open Public clubs

Right now, Agora does not charge any fees. Joining Agora as a member is currently free.

After 2017, there may be a small fee depending on the GDP per capita of the country (between $5 and $20 per year).

However, we’re exploring other financing options to keep it free indefinitely

Agora Membership Dues for Restricted Public clubs

The fee for a Restricted Public club is $40 / year per member of the restricted club, payable in advance upon chartering of the club.

A minimum of 8 members is required to start a Restricted Public club.

Agora Membership Dues for Corporate clubs

The fees for establishing a corporate club are as follows:

  • A $100 set-up fee.
  • A yearly per-member fee of $50, with a minimum of $600 / year if the club has 12 or less members.
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