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The Agora Speakers International Foundation is a European secular educational charity that empowers people to become brilliant communicators and confident leaders who will be actively building a better world.

We provide a specialized educational program focused on developing leadership, public speaking, critical thinking, and debating skills.

Our training system does not involve teachers or classes. To learn and improve, our members use our online training materials and join one or more Agora local clubs where they meet, practice and receive peer feedback regularly in a friendly and supportive environment. At the same time, they participate in and lead real-world projects that leave a lasting effect in their communities.

Founded in 2016, we now have an active presence in over 70 countries through over 150 clubs worldwide.

As a true charity, for clubs that are open to everyone all our activities and educational materials are totally free, with no sign-up, membership or chartering costs of any kind, nor any kind of mandatory purchases. Starting a local club is also free.

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