First Steps in Agora



Welcome as a new member of Agora Speakers International. The club that you joined is one of the many that Agora has around the world.

Before starting, it's important that you read the general rules for the chat group. There are not many, but they are extremely important to keep the group manageable. The chat group is exclusively for messages related to the organization of the club meetings and questions about roles and Agora, and we try to keep the message volume very low in order to be efficient, considering the number of people in the group. Please, especially try not to send any messages that are merely "Like", "Thanks", "Hello" or any non-Agora pictures/videos or gifs.

As a new member, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at the beginning and you may even think that all the existing members are already very advanced speakers. The truth is that only one or two months ago they were exactly where you are now. 

How to start

Ideally, you should try to participate in meetings by taking roles. It doesn't matter if you're just beginning - there's always a first time for every role.

Look at the agenda that is posted for the next meeting (if any), check which roles are available, and volunteer for them. Even if you don't have a role, it's important to attend club meetings - at least twice a month.

The full list of possible roles is located here. We recommend that you start with a simple role such as Timer, Grammarian,  Filler-word counter or Thought of the day. To volunteer for a role, simply ask for it in the chat group, or indicate it in the planning sheet.

The full documentation of Agora is located on this wiki. This is the index. It's not necessary to read it all in one go - it's usually enough to simply read the role that you'll be performing in the meeting.

Things that are important:

  • Attending at least twice a month - even if you don't have a role at the meeting. If you can't attend for a long period of time, let us know to avoid removing you due to inactivity.
  • Reading the messages of the chat group at least once every two days, to keep up to date with changes and club news.
  • Volunteer for roles and prepare them.
  • Monitor our International Group, since that group is where all news about the Foundation is published


We hope that Agora is useful to you and that when you have enough experience with our format you step up and launch your own Agora club in your city.

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