How do I learn and Improve


Agora club meetings are not "training sessions" or "seminars".  In an Agora Speakers club, there are no "experts" or "teachers"- everyone is there for their own learning process, everyone has something to learn and to improve, everyone is your peer and your equal. 

Agora Cycle

Agora Speakers International provides the educational materials, system and IT Infrastructure, but the way members learn is not through formal classroom-style training, but through self-study, practice within local clubs and peer feedback.

For each project, you will go through the following stages:


  • Study the online materials and resources for each project  (the documentation of each project is available online).
  • Analyze what other accomplished speakers and leaders do.
  • Ask questions and get advice from our worldwide community.


  • Prepare speeches and leadership tasks according to project goals.
  • Rehearse.
  • Discuss and receive  guidance from your mentor.


  • Deliver prepared speeches in your local club.
  • Practise leadership and improvisational speaking.
  • Take leadership positions  in clubs and higher levels.
  • Spearhead and lead real-world projects that impact positively your community and improve the lives of people around you.

Get Evaluation and Feedback

  • Receive detailed evaluation from your peers at club meetings.
  • Receive written feedback from other club members.
  • Receive general advice from the community

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