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All the materials available on the Internet properties controlled by Agora Speakers International are the Intellectual Property and Copyright of the Agora Speakers International Foundation. This includes, in particular but without being an exhaustive list, the website, the wiki, all downloadable documents in PDF and other formats, etc.

They are freely available for members (and some public materials are available for everyone), but they are not public domain nor licensed under a creative commons license unless explicitly stated and always on a case-by-case basis.

Although we have a very liberal policy in terms of what we allow, there are some things we need to restrict, for two main reasons:

  1. To avoid having a proliferation of copies of different versions of the materials and to preserve their integrity and the Agora Speakers official website as the "one source of Truth" for them.
  2. To avoid confusion between official Agora materials and materials produced by clubs and members.

Allowed Uses

If you're a member of Agora, then in addition to the general fair-use rights that copyright law grants you, 

  • You may print our materials for your personal use and for club-related matters (such as giving out sample projects to guests)
  • For the promotion of your club, you can add your club logo and club contact information on the materials that you share, under the following conditions:
    • The Agora Speakers International logo must always be present in the materials. If the materials are shared in printed form, it must be in the top left corner of the pages and be no smaller than the club logo.
    • The contact info of Agora Speakers International (www.agoraspeakers.org and info at agoraspeakers.org) must be clearly visible, separated from the club contact info and no smaller than it.
  • You may translate the materials, as long as you agree to assign all rights of the translation to the Agora Speakers International Foundation and the translation is hosted only on the official Agora Speakers International website.
  • You may use the tools that the wiki software provides to make corrections to the materials and/or add your original content, as long as you agree to assign all rights of that content to the Agora Speakers International Foundation, and the result is hosted only on the official Agora Speakers International website.

Uses not allowed

As mentioned, Agora materials are copyrighted. The following is a non-exhaustive list of uses that are not allowed:

  • You may not host or mirror the materials on a network - be it the Internet or any private network.
  • Except as specified above, you may not create derived works. For example, you cannot modify the text of a project, print it out and give it to a guest.
  • You may not sell the materials, regardless of the purpose of the funds.
  • You may not bundle the materials as a "free bonus/gift/etc" to a bundle that is sold, regardless of the purpose of the funds.
  • In general, any use that would cause conflict with the reasons (1) and (2) explained above is not allowed.

When in doubt

If you have any questions, please drop us a note at info at agoraspeakers.org


We reserve the right to change this copyright policy without prior notice. Changes are effective immediately.


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