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Registration Information

Agora Speakers International is registered as a nonprofit Public Interest Foundation, under the Bulgarian Trade and Nonprofit Registry (Търговски регистър и регистър на ЮЛНЦ), with a registration number (EIK): 205228771.

The Foundation's current status can be verified using the above number at the following location: https://portal.registryagency.bg/CR/reports/VerificationPersonOrg.

The Headquarters of the Foundation are in Madrid, Spain.



The registered goals of the Agora Speakers International Foundation are to :

  • Create and Strengthen an international network of local clubs that share, design, and implement the Foundation's goals at a local level.
  • Encourage the development and personal growth of people, especially the young, in the fields of oratory, public communication, leadership, debating, critical thinking, and constructive feedback.
  • Stimulate the interest in social and socially useful projects and entrepreneurship in these areas.
  • Help in the development of the skills to design, plan and administer public interest projects.
  • Encourage the multicultural exchange and the creation of informal networks and links between its different member communities.
  • Encourage intellectual curiosity and interest in the fields of science and technology.
  • Stimulate the scientific, technological, inventive, and other innovative activities in the youth.
  • Encourage developing critical thinking skills as the main line of defense against manipulation and discriminatory stereotyping of population groups.
  • Promote tolerance and the peaceful resolution of conflicts through cooperation, debating, and creative thinking.



The registered means through which Agora Speakers International Foundation achieves its goals are:

  • Organization and participation in symposiums, conferences, courses, and other national and international events on the Foundation's general and specific goals.
  • Organization of courses, practice sessions, and other extra-curricular school activities connected with the development of the leadership and public communication skills of students.
  • Design, organization, and implementation of training programs.
  • Creation and publication (both in physical and electronic forms) of materials in connection with our goals.
  • Cooperation with other organizations, institutions, and people at national and international levels to achieve the Foundation's goals.
  • Organization of contests and awards.
  • Creation of mechanisms for partnership and networking within the Foundation.
  • Creation of funds for the help and sustainment of people that might aid in achieving the Foundation's goals.
  • Charity work
  • Fundraising activities


Contact Data

You can contact us at info@agoraspeakers.org.  This is the fastest way, and we will usually get back to you in one or two business days.

Physical mail can be directed to:

Agora Speakers International
Calle Laguna de Antela 9
28980 Parla, Madrid

Please note that it can take up to 15 business days to reply to physical mail. Currently, we cannot service visitors.

We do not provide telephone service.


You can make donations to the following bank account:

Agora Speakers International Foundation

IBAN: BG24BUIN95611000609882



Via Paypal:

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