Parcours d’Éducation Avancés

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Once the Basic Educational Path is completed, you can start progress along any of the Advanced Educational Paths available. Each advanced path is composed of between 7 and 11 projects.

You can work on any advanced paths at the same time, and do them in any order. You can pause your progress in one path, start work on another (or just take a rest), and come back later. The only requirement is that the projects of each path must be completed in order.

Of course, you can repeat a project as many times as you want, and in fact, it is recommended that you don't move forward unless you're fully satisfied with the results of the previous project. There's no point in rushing forward just to get a badge or an award. Remember that the main goal is learning, practicing, training and being ready for "the big stage". The goal should not be collecting badges.

Advanced Paths

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