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Project Outline

Your  goal for this project is to present and deliver a speech using a hand-held or lectern microphone. Lapel or headset microphones are not allowed as they present no challenge.

Delivering speeches with a microphone is more a work of proper preparation than of delivery as such.

As every time you're going to be using technology, you should inspect it before the meeting, preferably even days before. In particular:

  • Get used to the system and how it is turned on and off.
  • Check how the microphone works at different distances from your mouth
  • Check how / if the noise cancellation works. Check if your breathing is heard
  • If the microphone is not wireless, check how the cable affects your movements on the stage.
  • Check how the weight and shape of the microphone impacts on your usual body language. Are you comfortable moving your hands with the microphone one of them?Especially make sure that you can have a firm grab on the microphone when doing gestures.
  • Check the location of the loudspeakers, as a microphone near a loudspeaker is a sure way to get an audio feedback loop that will quickly turn any audience into a hostile one.

Immediately before the meeting

  • Check the sound system again and make adjustments to the volume
  • Make sure that the position of the loudspeakers hasn't changed.
  • Make sure that you can turn on and off the microphone, once more.

During the speech

  • Watch carefully the audience to determine if they're hearing you properly or not.
  • Try to keep your microphone at the same distance to your mouth all the time
  • Be ready at any time to react to a feedback loop
  • Don't  engage in any games with the microphone, much less do the dreaded "microphone drop"

Project Description

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