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Project Outline

  • This is a two-part project, to be done in two meetings (not necessarily consecutive)
    • For the first part, you need to do a Speech Analysis of a selected speech for vocal variety use and its effectiveness.
    • For the second part, you need to prepare and deliver a speech that has a significant component of vocal variety elements.
  • The delivered speech must:
    • Use at least three long ( > 2 sec.) pauses at strategic locations, either for drawing attention, for creating suspense or for other dramatic effects.
    • Vary pacing at least twice (slow-fast-slow or fast-slow-fast)
    • Vary the volume and pitch of the voice at least twice.
  • The speech should use vocal variety but should not be about vocal variety nor about public speaking.
  • The speech should have all the characteristics of the previous projects.Vocal variety should have a supporting and not primary role. If all that the audience can remember from your speech is your vocal variety, then you've failed : the main goal is still getting your message across.

Project Description

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