Phát triển bài nói

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Project Outline

  • This is a two-part project, to be done in two meetings (not necessarily consecutive)
    • For the first part, you need to do a Speech Analysis of a selected speech for rhetorical devices and their effectiveness.
    • For the second part, you need to prepare and deliver a speech that has at least four rhetorical devices in each of the three different categories : sound-based, altered signification and others.
  • All the rhetorical devices should be at the service of the key and supporting points of the speech.
  • The speech should use rhetorical devices but should not be about rhetorical devices nor about public speaking.
  • This is the last speech in which the speaker can use notes.
  • If there's a lectern or podium, the speaker cannot stand behind it.

Project Description

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Tips and Hints


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