Как да се присъедините

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If you already know a Club you would like to join, write to the person listed as a contact point for that club, or to the Vice President, Membership (VPM).

If you don't know any club, you can:

  1. Check the global country page to see if there is a local group for your country.
  2. Join the local group and see which clubs are available.
  3. Attend one of their meetings as a guest.
  4. Ask to join!

As far as Agora Speakers International is concerned, you can join as many clubs as you want, as long as you participate regularly in their activities, and Agora's fees are going to be exactly the same whether you join one or ten clubs. Of course, each club is allowed to charge an additional membership fee to offset the costs of operation, such as room rental, printing and photocopying costs, audio/visual equipment, etc.

Club membership is subject to acceptance by the club. Even if you're a member of Agora Speakers, a club is allowed to refuse your membership in it for objective, nondiscriminatory reasons (such as lack of enough room space, lack of some pre-requisites such as a specific professional background, etc.).

If you feel the negative was based on discriminatory reasons (race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, income level, nationality, ethnicity, or mental or physical disabilities), please drop us a note at info@agoraspeakers.org and we will investigate further.   Please note that there is one discrimination exception that is allowed, and it is the creation of Youth clubs where the maximum age can be restricted to anything below or equal 25.

If there are no clubs nearby, you can always start one!

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