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Koka Prasad, leading the Vikasha Orators club
Koka Prasad, leading the Vikasha Orators club

Agora Speakers' clubs provide a supportive and friendly environment where members can learn and practice the basic skills of public speaking and leadership. There you will find not only a welcoming atmosphere that encourages practice, but you will also be part of a community that will help you with your projects, share experience and provide valuable feedback on the ways you can improve. You may also find a mentor who will guide you as you progress throughout the first projects of the basic path.


In an Agora Speakers club, there are no "experts" or "teachers" - everyone is there for their own learning process, everyone has something to learn and to improve, everyone is your peer and your equal.

You can view clubs as a "sandbox" where you can get learn to control your nervousness, stage fright or a place where to overcome your shyness. Many people also use clubs to practice specialty speeches that they need to give elsewhere - from toast speeches to best man speeches, from normal meeting presentations to keynote speeches at conferences.

Clubs can be in English or in many other languages, and some clubs are bilingual. Although English is the "official" working language of Agora Speakers, we actively encourage clubs and groups to use local languages in order to reach as many people as possible.  In fact, you may find that some people come to clubs in order to improve their control of a particular language.

Clubs are legally independent entities, separate from Agora Speakers International but affiliated with it, and as such, we try to strike a balance between ensuring a uniform experience for members around the world regardless of which club they attend and at the same time giving Clubs freedom and autonomy to organize themselves, be creative and innovate so for the benefit of the whole organization.

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