Club Creation - Defining The Club

Let's get started! - Decide a club name


You can name your club in any way you want, as long as it complies with the official naming rules and limitations.


There's no need to include "Agora" in your club's name. Your club could just be "Advanced Speakers of Paris", for example.


Decide your club's characteristics:

  • The type of the club. Will it be a Public, Restricted, Public Interest or Corporate club.?
  • The meeting venue and days.

Which days of the week are you going to meet?  Agora Speakers clubs must meet at least once a month, with the exception of summer holidays. Of course, you can meet more frequently - once every two weeks, or even weekly.  Some clubs even meet more frequently.  Whatever the case, it's best if your club has a well-defined meeting schedule.

  • Languages that will be used in the club.

As mentioned before, we encourage Agora Speakers clubs to use not only English, but also local languages. You can have a club that only uses one local language, or clubs that alternate languages in meetings, or clubs that allow a selection of languages to be used in the same meeting.

  • Club fees that will be charged to members.

These are separate from Agora's fees. Currently Agora's fees are waived, but your club can charge from day 1 to offset the costs of venues, materials, etc.   

  • Will the club allow virtual (remote) participants?

Some clubs allow members to attend virtually - through Skype or other video conferencing platforms. This usually requires internet connectivity at the venue and additional equipment such as projectors, cameras, loudspeakers, etc.

  • What roles non-resident members will be allowed to perform.

A non-resident member is a member from any other Agora Speakers club that visits your club. You can decide that you will allow these special "guests" to take any role except prepared speeches. We encourage, however, that any Agora member is allowed to have any meeting role in any Agora club. This helps build confidence, as the member can practice public speaking in front of many different audiences, and not merely in front of the members of his home club.

  • What roles guests will be allowed to perform.

You need also to decide what roles guests (people that are not members of Agora Speakers at all) will be allowed to perform at a meeting.

  • Who will be the contact person for that club.

The contact person for a club can be any member (not necessarily a club officer) who will be in charge of replying to requests for information by interested people. The contact person will have their Email and telephone number listed in the global directory.


None of these decisions are "final" - you can always change any of these "club parameters" later simply by contacting us, or -  when the automated system becomes available - changing them directly by logging to your club private area of the Agora website.


If you're really into marketing, you can also design your custom club logo, since many of the templates we provide in our branding portal allow for the inclusion of a second logo, besides the one of Agora Speakers.

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